Why do we care so much?

Why do we always feel the need to do everything perfect in life? And why do we care so much about what other people might think if we are not perfect? All people seem to care about these days is to leave a certain impression.

The other day someone shared a post on Instagram about the impressions we (want to) leave on people. In short the message behind this post was about whether you would want people to remember you because you were always there for your family and friends or because you are rich and had nice handbags. In the past I have always found this comparison useful when I felt a little lost or confused about my identity. And even though I understand the message behind this post, it bothered me this time. Why do we always feel the need to tell people what to do and what not to? Why do we think we are entitled to tell other people how to live their lives? And why do we feel superior to people who decide to live their lives a certain way that does not match our own image of a happy or successful life? These are all questions that came to me as I read the post.

Most of us already lead our lives worrying about other peoples opinion and some of even base our life choices on those potential opinions. I know because I have been one of those people for a very long time. Why can't we just do whatever makes us happy for the time we have left on earth? Because - and I apologize if this is a bit blunt - who cares how people might remember you when you are dead? What you should care about is if you are happy while living your life, whether you are the person who is always there for family and friends, or the person who likes to buy nice handbags and to be popular on social media. No matter what other people might think, this life is yours and only you can decide how to live it and how to be happy. Because at the end of the day people will always have an opinion, we all do. And that's totally fine, but we should never allow it to rule our lives.


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