I've been trying different things to think about the things I am grateful for, for over a year now. Some things worked for me during short periods of time, and some didn't. Several books and blogs explain how writing down what you're grateful for, could help you set your intentions for the day and reach your goals. For me this never really seemed to work, but that doesn't mean I don't use it! Let me explain how I made this work.

Taking a moment to think about the things that you're grateful for can be very powerful for many different reasons. To me, it is a very helpful tool to shift my mindset. On days when I feel lonely, down, unmotivated, sad etc. taking a moment to think about the things that I'm grateful for really helps me. I like to think about the things that make me happy and really focus on the feeling it gives me. For example: "I am very grateful to be able to live in Italy". I try to focus on how living here makes me feel and I hold on to that feeling for a few seconds/minutes. This is enough to shift my entire mood into a happy one!


I think it is very important to have a routine, preferably in the morning. The way you wake up and start your day defines the rest of your day. You can read more about morning routines and how to create your own here.

Setting a routine that helps you get in the right mood to have a productive day is very important. Gratitude is one of the things that I like to take into my routines. I've tried to write down 3-5 things that I am grateful for every morning, but this feels very forced to me. After trying this for a few months and trying a few different things, I recently found something that works for me.


Because it feels forced to me to write down things on the spot every morning, I decided to try different things. What really seems to work for me is being reminded throughout my day and think of something I am grateful for at that moment. This is why I use a gratitude stone. I just picked a small stone on one of our walks and decided to paint it with a pattern that makes me happy. I carry this small stone with me in my pocket and every time I reach into my pockets or when I empty them at night, I think of one thing I am grateful for.

Because I am being reminded throughout my day, it feels very natural and easier to think about one thing I am grateful for in that exact moment.

Of course you can use any kind of object that fits your pocket.

What's truly important is to find something that works for you. All the things I share on this blog are things that work for me. I don't want to imply that my way is the only way to do things. All I want to do is share my experience and lessons I've learned, hoping to help someone.

Please remember that there is o right or wrong way to do things. If it works for you, you're doing it right!

I love to hear your opinion and experiences, so feel free to share them with me in the comments or through Instagram.


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